New version of the Tracker series TDR is available!

We are pleased to announce a new version of Tracker series TDR is now available on European market and ready for shipments.

TeleTracker TDR

The new model called TeleTracker TDR is a new development from Springbok Instruments, USA, and it is primarily dedicated to telecom copper cables. As compared to other Tracker series TDRs, the major differences include increased testing range up to 18 km and dual channel mode comprising on-screen overlay of waveforms.

Typical functionality of the TeleTracker TDR is:

  • the most modern TDR technology based on high frequency energy test pulses,
  • locates faults (cable impedance discontinuities) for most of metallic cable types,
  • locates Crosstalk on telecom cables,
  • intuitive interface combined with accurate diagnose & locating of multiple events on a cable,
  • detects faults at very short distances – less than 1m with a 5ns pulse width,
  • maximum testing range of 18 km (8 different pulsewidths),
  • high resolution 5” color touch LCD screen,
  • impedance balancing 50Ω – 137Ω,
  • Auto-Search mode for ease of operation,
  • dual channel mode including on-screen overlay of waveforms,
  • IFD mode (Intermittent Fault Location)
  • LCD screen reverse color mode for better visibility at open sun conditions,
  • unique „one-touch storage of all pulse width” Tracker Store System for 60 cable tests,
  • splash proof USB connection and Tracker View PC software at standard delivery,
  • Bluetooth 4 and USB connectivity to tablets and smartphones,
  • battery operating time up to 5 hours,
  • updates of the TDR’s operating system & Tracker View software via internet for free,
  • rugged and field tested case and a standard carry bag.
Technical Data:

Maximum testing range:     18,288km (at VOP 85%)
Distance Accuracy:              13cm @ 99% VOP (max cable length 650m), 12cm @ 85% VOP, 5cm @ 40% VOP
Display:                                 5” LCD color touchscreen display (800 x 480)
Functions:                             Auto-Search, Store, Recall, Overlay (live or recalled waveforms)

Output Signal:                      5 nsec, 20 nsec, 50 nsec, 100 nsec, 300 nsec, 550 nsec, 1100nsec, 2200nsec

Note, due to high frequency energy of the pulses, the min. effective test range of 5nsec pulse is less than 1m!

Horizontal Resolution:        3cm
Vertical Resolution:             50 Ω – 137Ω
Internal Memory:                Store up to 60 multi-pulse waveforms files in the instrument’s memory
Display Modes:                    Channel 1, Channel 2, CH 1 & CH 2 (waveform overlay), CH 1- CH 2, Crosstalk, IFD
Input Protection:                 400 V (AC + DC) from DC to 400 Hz, decreasing to 10 V at 1 MHz
Filtering:                              AutoFiltering
Vertical Gain:                      1x/4x, 2x/8x, 4x/16x and 8x/32x
VOP Range:                         40% – 99%
Output Connector:              front panel 2 x banana jacks (2 Line input)
Connectivity:                       USB port, internal Bluetoooth 4.0 modem
Power:                                  battery: Internal, rechargeable, 3700 mAh Nickel metal hydride
Charging source:                 external 18VDC transformer, 1000mA
Operating time:                   greater than 5 hours, continuous in standard brightness display mode
Weight:                                 0,95kg (1,2kg including internal battery)
Physical dimensions:          width 23.80cm x depth 14.12cm x height 6.65cm
Operating temperature:     0º C – 50º C (32º F – 122º F)
Storage temperature:         -20º C – 60º C (-4º F – 140º F)
Humidity:                             95% maximum relative, non-condensing